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Sue Roberts

Position: Literacy Manager and Year 6 Leader
Specialism: English
Location: Westover Primary

Current Responsibilities:

  • Literacy Manager
  • Year 6 Leader
  • OTP and ITP Facilitator

Experiences in Leading Improvements in Learning and Teaching:

  • Introduction of New Literacy Framework
  • Re-aligning teaching of Phonics to create whole school approach
  • Introduction and support for staff in implementing whole school TALK for WRITING Project, working closely with Pie Corbett
  • Guided Reading approaches particularly in KS2, addressing Inference and higher order questioning
  • Facilitation of Improving Teacher Programme
  • NQT and SCITT mentor
  • Introduction and monitoring of effective Feedback Marking to identify and encourage response to next steps in learning
  • Leading response to changes in Assessment in Year 6 and ensuring coverage and robust moderation as a result

Specific SLE Areas of Expertise:

  • English


  • Talk for Writing approach and strategies
  • Whole school implementation of new strategies towards Literacy
  • Guided Reading
  • Moderation of writing
  • Creating engaging stimulus for writing
  • Support for staff through periods of change and development
  • ¬†Addressing need for coverage of genre especially in Year 6