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Sarah Hilditch

Position: Deputy/Assistant Head
Location: Northern Parade Junior School

Current responsibilities:

  • English Leader in a T4W school
  • Responsible for the creative curriculum.
  • Parental involvement leader.
  • Responsible for closing the gap
  • Leading upper school
  • Student/NQT mentor
  • School Coach

Experience in leading improvements in learning and teaching:

  • Introduction of the New English Curriculum – creating progression documents within reading, writing, spelling, phonics and handwriting.
  • Introduction of assessments for spelling and phonics from the New Curriculum from Year 3 to Year 6.
  • Creating a whole class teaching approach within Talk for Writing, including supporting other schools. Developing T4W to include the challenge of the new curriculum. Recognised by Pie Corbett to the extent that my current school is used as a T4W model.
  • Whole school moderation through monitoring of feedback marking, English books and the quality of writing throughout all other subjects.
  • Organisation of whole school events to develop relationships with the parents.
  • Developing new strategies to close the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers.
  • Introduction of topic hooks to develop literacy skills and inspire children.

Specific SLE areas of expertise:

  • Creative curriculum
  • Parental involvement
  • English T4W and Assessment
  • Closing the gapOther areas of expertise:
    • Qualified Facilitator and run Outstanding Teaching Programme.
    • Run T4W insets
    • Challenge the gap