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Rebecca Hussey

Position:     Nursery Teacher, EYFS Lead Practitioner 
Specialism: EYFS
Location:    Cottage Grove Primary School

Current Responsibilities:

  • -EYFS Leader
  • -Local Authority EYFS Profile Moderator
  • -Senior Management Team
  • -SEND in EYFS

Experience in leading improvements in learning and teaching:

  •  CPD in all areas of the EYFS, including practice and leaderships
  •  Planning and delivering training sessions for EYFS practitioners
  •  Coaching and mentoring 
  •  Moderation and assessment within the EYFS, including the EYFS Profile
  •  Supervision and performance management of EYFS Staff
  •  Send in the EYFS

Specific SLE Area of expertise

  • EYFS

Other areas of expertise:

  • Observation, assessment and planning cycle
  • EYFS behaviour management
  • EYFS self-evaluation and improvement process
  • Enabling EYFS Environments and effective pedagogy
  • Supporting early language development

Case Study - Supporting a School to move towards outstanding early years provision