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Mel Walton

Mel Walton, SLE and Assistant Head teacher from the Mary Rose Academy led a recent RQT seminar on ‘Outstanding Teaching’. This started with an opportunity to                      discuss, reflect and then draw what an outstanding teacher looks like. Most of the life size pictures had eyes in the back of their head, a big heart and many many pairs of hands! The teachers then experienced seven of the techniques from Doug Lemov’s ‘Teach Like a Champion’ book. These insist upon a high think ratio and high participation ratio from all pupils in order to secure learning. The techniques are simple, effective, require no extra planning and provide staff with a shared language.  The feedback and evaluations from the RQTs was very positive as they felt they were able to use these techniques the very next day and could apply them to their own setting. 

The course improved my understanding and helped with practicing different models for coaching as well as understanding the impact it would have in my teaching and peer conversations. I am already adapting lessons to reflect what I've been shown on this course.” RQT evaluation