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Marie Allen

Over 13 years I have taught French and PE in Secondary schools and now teach both subjects in a Primary setting as well as being a class teacher. In various roles, I have been responsible for assessment, data analysis, tracking, training of staff, health and safety and the coaching and mentoring of staff both new to the profession and those with more experience. In my current school role, I work alongside other class teachers modelling lessons as a form of CPD.

I see the SLE role as an opportunity to make a difference in more than one school by empowering people to implement effective and sustainable changes to enhance teaching and learning.

I have supported subject/middle leaders in a primary school in Portsmouth. This has included:

  • developing the skills of the subject leadership, with modern foreign languages as the focus.
  • coaching colleagues in the audit of existing provision and building the confidence of subject leaders.
  • facilitating the generation of an action plan.
  • creating an overview of learning that links with the whole school overview.
  • creating mid-term planning, outlining the key areas to be taught each half term.
  • creating assessment strands to be used with each year group that feed into current KS3 assessment strands.
  • providing consultative support for monitoring the action plan, measuring impact and supporting sustainability when the initial support phase ends.

As an SLE, I also hold local hub meetings at my school where we share good practice and invite speakers in to deliver CPD. I have delivered various sessions at a number of conferences across the city, mainly based on transition and assessment in MFL.

The fact that I have to use a range of approaches from facilitative coaching to direct modelling in a different context is a real challenge but the process works because of the enthusiasm and collaboration of professionals who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and ideas. One of the most valuable aspects of this role is that I can share good practice with the school that I am visiting to further improve areas in my own school.