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Laura Watford

Position: Lead Practitioner for Science, Teacher coordinator for RAEng
Location: King Richard School

Current responsibilities:

  • Leading moderation of coursework
  • Leading changes to curriculum
  • Leading STEM provision across the school
  • Teaching and learning in the department

Experience in leading improvements in learning and teaching:

  • TEEP level 2 associate, facilitating sessions based around teaching and learning.
  • Royal Academy of Engineering Teacher Coordinator, disseminating training from the academy to local Portsmouth STEM network.
  • Running a school STEM network with BAE systems and the University of Portsmouth
  • Organising and coordinating STEM activities, clubs, trips and improvements to the curriculum throughout the year.
  • Trialling resources for The Thinking Classroom as a ‘Teacher Tester’

Specific SLE area of expertise:

Science teaching & learning, developing activities that promoting higher level thinking skills, STEM activities both as projects and in the curriculum, developing context based learning activities.

Running training/CPD sessions for professionals.

Other areas of expertise:

Provision for the most able, evaluating provision for the most able, implementing changes to the provision for the most able.