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Laura Ormay

Position: Literacy manager and Year 5/6 class teacher.
Specialism: English
Location: Highbury Primary

Current Responsibilities:

  • Literacy manager
  • Year 5/6 class teacher.
  • Active role in Talk for Writing cluster group

Experiences in Leading Improvements in Learning and Teaching: 

  • Introduction of the New Literacy Curriculum – creating progression documents within reading, writing, spelling, phonics and handwriting.
  • Introduction of assessments for spelling and phonics from the New Curriculum from Reception to Year 6.
  • Creating a whole class teaching approach within Talk for Writing, including supporting other schools.
  • Completion of a 2 year cycle curriculum overview – taking into account the New Curriculum topics within foundation subjects. All texts are now chosen to cover areas within the New Curriculum to create a cross curricular curriculum.
  • Support for new staff and NQT’s in the Talk for Writing approach, feedback marking and levelling.
  • Monitoring of levelling, teaching, feedback marking and parity between all year groups literacy books and the quality of writing throughout all other subjects.
  • Introduction of self-assessment for the children to complete to help chose and embed targets.
  • Supporting whole school and working closely with the inclusion leader in reading and writing interventions.

Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • Talk for Writing approach and strategies to improve writing and reading.
  • Creating an engaging text based curriculum, making sure that genre coverage is covered not only in literacy lessons.
  • Ensuring writing is effective throughout other subjects.
  • Implementation of new strategies towards literacy including assessment of spelling and phonics.
  • Moderation of writing
  • Target setting within writing that is child friendly.
  • Effective feedback marking.
  • Supporting all staff through periods of change and development.