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Kerrie Parsons

Position:  Professional Mentor
Location:  Mayfield School

Current responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinating placements for all teacher trainees.
  • Designing and organising training programmes for trainees/ NQTs/ RQTs across all key stages and curriculum areas.
  • Providing and leading CPD sessions for trainees and existing staff.
  • Working with Universities and other providers to run training sessions for Early Years, Primary and Secondary trainees.
  • Mentoring and coaching trainees and existing staff across different key stages and curriculum areas within school.
  • Line management of subject mentors.
  • Establish links with new providers.
  • Developing relationships with existing providers.

Experience in leading improvements in learning and teaching:

- Lead Practitioner for the school for over 6 years

- Coaching and mentoring staff from all key stages across the curriculum

- Providing PCPD/ Twilight/ INSET and workshops to all staff on subjects including:

  • AFL
  • Coaching
  • Differentiation and engagement;
  • Teaching the more abl
  • Outstanding Teaching
  • Marking and assessment
  • Planning lessons and schemes of work
  • QA and department handbooks
  • Life after Levels – Moderation
  • Improving Teaching
  • The Learning Journey – Year R and Beyond

- Leader of Teaching and Learning group – ‘AfL Champ’ for the school

- ‘Mayfield Improvement Group’ leader for teaching and learning

- Co-ordinator of ‘Improving Teaching’ Group for the school

- Development of ‘Life after Levels’

Specific SLE area of expertise:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Training – Mentoring - Coaching

Other areas of expertise:

  • Secondary English
  • The Learning Journey – Yr R KS1 – KS2 – KS3 – KS4
  • Writing Skills - Primary