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Kelly Taylor

Position: Assistant Head teacher
Location: Northern Parade Schools

Current responsibilities:

  • English manager across primary phase, year group leader, local authority moderator and non-core coordinator.

Experience in leading improvements in learning and teaching:

  • Created new English curriculum to incorporate ‘Talk for Writing’ to raise standards of reading and writing
  • Led the feedback marking project working with schools in Hackney to improve assessment and feedback to children
  • Worked with schools in Portsmouth and Southampton as a moderator to ensure staff understood the teaching requirements and standards for Year 2.
  • Helped to develop a reading curriculum that improved the teaching and learning of reading for the new curriculum.

Specific SLE area of expertise:

  • Moderation – Year 2 expectations and standards

  • Reading curriculum

Other Areas of expertise:

  • Phonics
  • Talk for Writing curriculum
  • Feedback marking