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Gemma Comerford

Position: Assistant Headteacher
Location: Corpus Christi Catholic Primary

Current Responsibilities:

  • Member of SLT
  • KS2 Leader
  • Maths Leader
  • Local authority moderator
  • Mentor for trainee teachers (including University of Chichester and Primary PCP)
  • Leader of new curriculum implementation
  • NQT Mentor
  • Coaching and Mentoring Phase Leaders
  • Monitoring pupil progress

Experiences in Leading Improvements in Learning and Teaching:

  • Designing a new curriculum, planning style and assessment materials in keeping with the 2014 statutory requirements.
  • Administering the KS2 SAT assessments, including the application for access arrangements.
  • Developing maths planning and teaching (in line with parts of Shanghai-style methods) to improve learning and deepen mathematical understanding.
  • Pupil Progress Meetings, analysing data, highlighting pupils that haven’t made progress and assigning interventions and next steps with phase teams.
  • Moderating of work within and outside of school, including working with local clusters and being part of the local authority moderation team for KS2 writing.
  • Modelling good practice both for internal staff and a range of external visitors.
  • Conducting staff appraisals and monitoring.
  • Planning and delivery of staff INSET.
  • Implementing ‘growth mindset’ initiatives across the school to improve pupil learning behaviours.

Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • KS2 (particularly Y5/6)
  • Assessment
  • Writing

Other Areas of Expertise: