MA (Education)

The Teaching School has been working closely with the University of Chichester and TESLA Teaching School Alliance to develop a bespoke Masters Programme delivered in Portsmouth and Petersfield. We are delighted that we have a cohort of teachers undertaking this programme which started in 2015 and continues into 2016-2017.

For more information please contact Jane Sibley.

University of Chichester

MA (Education) Semester 1 September 2016

EDU04 Effective Pedagogy HUB

Module overview

The module aims to present a useful and thoughtful overview of the ways in which thinking about pedagogy has changed in research and practice. This module will explore the impact of different pedagogies on early years, primary and secondary schools as well as on further education colleges, universities and the workplace.

The module aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of pedagogy and its impact upon learning;
  • Examine various pedagogic models that are appropriate and relevant to educational contexts;
  • Develop a framework for addressing a pedagogic issue or concern arising from practice and;
  • Consider models of pedagogy in relation to issues of sustainability and global citizenship.

Therefore within this module a range of topics will be covered to include: definitions of pedagogy; what we know about the impact of particular pedagogies on learning and what is still not known and whether there are important differences between the pedagogy used for learners of different ages and stages.

The module will be conducted through a seminar format. It will include presentations and workshops by the tutor, group and paired work and debate, case studies, video material, E-learning tasks and presentations by participants.




Tues 27th Sept

Induction: Electronic resources

University of Chichester

Bognor Regis Campus


Tues 18th Oct

Introduction: In search of a definition of pedagogy

Cliffdale Academy
Discussion on report ‘What makes Great Teaching’ (Oct. 2014)


Sat 12th Nov

Masters Forum: Pedagogical Models

In preparation for a discussion on:
‘new thinking’ in regard to Scaffolding we will look at the review of Van de Pol, J., et al. (2010) as a starting point.

Further, we will discuss models of pedagogy in relation to issues of sustainability and global citizenship.

Bognor Regis Campus


Wed 18th Jan

Critiquing the impact of pedagogical approaches

‘How do I match my teaching to student learning?’

Formative assessment

Students will be required to present a short 10 minute presentation on one example of what they consider to be effective pedagogy. Each student will be asked to submit a two page hand-out on the presentation.

The Petersfield School


Thurs 9th Feb

Critiquing the impact of pedagogical approaches

‘Exploring the reason for the gender gap?’

‘Does gender signal a need for differentiated pedagogical approaches?’

‘Is there a need to move away from a discussion on ability and gender and move towards a debate on what makes an able learner?’

Formative assessment feedback

Cliffdale Academy


Wed 15th March

Pedagogical Models

The work of Ron Berger.

The current work of Doug Lemov.

The Petersfield School


Tues 4th April

Moving from theory to practice

‘Do you believe your job is to teach children or to help them learn?'

'So do you believe your school is - or should be - a teaching school or a learning school? Your answer changes everything.’

In the discussion of the above quote we will look at various articles by Daniel T Willingham.

Cliffdale Academy


Wed 24th May

Student presentations



Optional tutorials