To build a network of schools to promote and support collaborative research design projects across Portsmouth.


  1. To share our experiences of research and consider the impact it has on our schools and leadership.
  2. To use research and development to improve the quality of our work and raise standards in our schools.
  3. To encourage joint practice development that build partnerships to support schools, staff and young people.

A research engaged school:

  1. Understands the significance of joint practice development.
  2. Investigates key issues in teaching and learning.
  3. Uses enquiry for staff development.
  4. Turns data and experience into knowledge.
  5. Uses evidence for decision making.
  6. promotes learning communities (NCTL).

De-mystifying research and development

Focus for research can be based on classroom, school or authority priorities.


  1. Purposeful collaboration.
  2. Informed intervention.
  3. Robust enquiry.
  4. Sharing knowledge.


  1. Enquiry school based project.
  2. Opportunity to study for further qualifications.

Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Research

Research undertaken will follow the Ethical Guidelines of the British Educational Research Association (BERA).


  • All participants will be treated with respect and will be given information about the research project. Informed consent will be sought for involvement and this includes children (informed assent) and we will comply with Article 3 and 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • All participants will be informed of how the research will be reported.
  • All participants will be informed of their right to withdraw.
  • All information will remain confidential and anonymity will be given. Individual permission will be sought to waive that right if required.
  • Researchers will comply with the storage of data and it will be held and stored carefully in files that can only be accessed by the researchers. Guidelines set down by The Data protection Act (1998) will be followed.

We are delighted that our research has been included in two recently published national reports. You can download these below.

  • Beyond Levels – alternative assessment approaches developed by teaching schools
  • Closing the Gap with the new primary national curriculum

Early Years Project