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Deamonn Hewett-Dale

Leader of Education

School: The Flying Bull Academy
Context: (Stage and ages) Primary – children aged 2 – 11

  • Name of LA or sponsor: The University of Chichester Multi Academy Trust
  • Number of pupils: 489
  • Number of members of staff: 95 (108 job role)
  • Headteacher of your current school – 12 years
  • Recent Ofsted judgement (Overall and Leadership):
  • Good – Overall – In a recent ‘Good to Outstanding’ Review run by Challenge Partners we were judged to be at the top of good.
  • Good – Leadership and Management

Current developments/focus in own school to secure further improvement:

  • Developing a new curriculum and an assessment system to run alongside this.
  • Developing ‘good’ teachers further
  • Challenging the able learner
  • Raising attendance and reducing lates
  • Developing the outdoor environment for the whole school

Member/lead of local improvement groups:

  • Member of Heart of Portsmouth cluster
  • Joint Chair of Initial Teacher Training Group, run by Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance
  • Member of the University of Chichester Academy Trust Board

Particular area(s) of expertise/strength:

As advised, I asked my Senior Management Team to list what they thought my expertise and strengths were:

  • You are a good listener, support people with their own CPD and their next steps.
  • Encourage development of people in the community by supporting their training and employment in the school.
  • You are a forward thinker and look to the future for the school.
  • You are the opposite of a micromanager.

– Rose Wiggins, Foundation Stage Leader

  • Managing a staff of 98 with a wide variety of skills to deploy the resources in the most effective way for the support and progress of the children. From office/administrative staff and site management to teaching staff with a variety of strengths and levels of experience and support staff as well as specialist teams in the Alternative Provision and LaPS….and set/manage the priorities for each area.
  • Managing a significant budget, including pupil premium for nearly 60% of the children, to head up a school that is: “amongst the 100 top performing schools based on sustained improvement in attainment”
  • Foster a highly motivated staff (teaching staff in particular) who are aware of the schools priorities and work tirelessly to achieve the school’s priorities and the best outcomes for the children – whatever they may be for the individual.
  • The ability to give staff candid feedback on areas of development while maintaining their motivation for the school.

– Lee Dallinger, Deputy Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)

  • You empower staff to make decisions to do the best for the children.
  • You are very supportive of the needs of all in the  school.
  • Your open door policy, allows all to feel valued and respected.
  • You give everyone a say in new ideas and changes  so  people have ownership and more likely to respond positively.
  • Your sense of humour is very sociable and can be very entertaining.
  • You lead using all your previous experience and allow others to influence decisions.

– Jenny Adams, Year 3 / 4 Leader

 Data – spotting trends, gaps, asking those difficult questions, setting ambitious but achievable targets, putting support in place to help people get there, recognising potential and helping staff and children achieve it, approachability, supportive, proactive, getting to the point (so we know where we stand), humour.