What our trainees say.....

Gareth completed his PE training 
'I was so keen to teach that I applied to the Portsmouth Teaching Alliance, even though I lived in the Midlands, I was very lucky to get one of the last places available. I had two great mentors in my school placements at Mayfield School and Portsmouth Academy, they also encouraged me to gain a 2nd subject whilst training. As part of my degree I studied biology, so apart from working in the sports department I also shadowed the science teachers and in time, as I gained more experience and knowledge I began to teach classes too. I eventually secured a job at Portsmouth Academy, which was a brilliant result. Training to teach had its challenges, but I learnt so much on my School Direct PGCE that when I graduated I felt confident about joining the teaching profession. I love my new life as a teacher and what each new day brings'.
Nathan completed his history training 
Nathan was a lawyer for 15 years before deciding to change careers.

'Whilst training was one of the most demanding things I have ever done, it was the most rewarding experience too. I got to change young people's lives everyday and I learnt so much from them'.