Teaching Reading with Letters and Sounds

Target role: KS1, KS2


20 June 2019 9am - 3pm


Charlotte has 20 years’ experience working as a teacher, consultant and educational writer. Her expertise lies in: whole school improvement, curriculum development and writing, managing institutional change, training and coaching teachers and educational leaders, the use of new technologies (webcasts, websites, interactive whiteboards and iPods) as teaching and assessment tools, as well as the teaching of literacy from Early Years to Key Stage 3.

Worked with leadership in schools and academies to implement change.

Set up robust assessment systems that ensure pupil progress is recorded accurately. Used data to enable schools to use their resources effectively.

Provided schools with long-term support so that they were able to ensure every child in the school could read.

Established a masterclass / coaching model within schools so that teaching improved rapidly.

Worked with Outstanding schools to develop their practice in light of the new inspection framework.

Gave schools concise reports with clear recommendations.

Developed new training for the company in Literacy for Key Stage 2, spelling and the new grammar curricula.

Developed our staff through a coaching model, so that they were prepared both for the new training and their new role in schools.

The training fully equips teachers with the skills to:

  • understand the underlying principles of systematic synthetic phonics
  • review, assess and progress systematic synthetic phonic teaching practice in their own schools
  • understand the high expectations that provide a solid foundation by the end of EYFS and enable children to make a smooth transition into Year 1, pass the Phonic Screening Check and continue to make good progress in Year 2
  • ensure all children can read fluently and confidently by the end of primary school

The training includes:

  • Teaching reading and spelling using the Letters and Sounds teaching cycle: Phases 1-6
  • Teaching Common Exception words / Tricky words
  • Teacher knowledge of the alphabetic code and systematic synthetic phonics
  • How to apply phonic knowledge in decodable books at the right level
  • Instant Intervention and longer-term support
  • The most current research about cognitive load, vocabulary and comprehension, oracy and automaticity to ensure children read for purpose and pleasure


Teaching and Learning Centre, Cowper Road, Portsmouth, PO1 5PF


£30 per delegate (including lunch)

Please note that all non-attendees will still be charged.

All cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the session.

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