Portsmouth English Network (Primary) (5)

Target role: English and Literacy leads.


26 June 2019 13:00 - 15:00


Portsmouth English Network - Primary

The Portsmouth Primary Network meets every half term to collaborate, share good practice, debate and discover new ideas and look for ways to enhance and promote the work done by Primary English departments across the city. 

Dr Victoria Devonshire - Structure, logic and meaning; a route to reading and spelling.

English is the most irregular writing system in the world in terms of letter to sound mappings. Only 56% of English words can be spelled using phonic rules, so people often do not know what method to use for the remaining words. 

The good news is that the English writing system consists of more than the sound or ‘phonic’ element. Victoria's research and the growing body of research from around the world, demonstrates that learning about these elements substantially increases reading and spelling accuracy and skill whether an already proficient reader and speller or someone with difficulties.

This talk will explain how to teach these elements. This talk is suitable for teachers or classroom practitioners with an interest in improving spelling and reading for themselves or children.


Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance,

Cowper Road, 



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