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30 January 2017 Workshop 4
21 March 2017 Workshop 5
15 June 2017 Workshop 6


What Is Challenge the Gap?

Challenge the Gap is a whole-school improvement programme, run by Challenge Partners, that is breaking the link between poverty and poor outcomes. Designed and delivered nationally by expert practitioners with a track record of improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils Challenge the Gap builds in-school expertise in collaboration with other schools to have a lasting, transformational impact for all pupils, driven from within. A Team of professionals across all levels of your school (leaders, teachers and para-professionals) are trained to tackle educational disadvantage by developing a programme of evidence-based strategies tailored to your school context.

Initially targeting a small group of your most vulnerable pupils, your school’s Team develops an in-school programme of activities to trial. As the year goes on, the Team identifies what works through a rigorous focus on data and then scales up their effective strategies to impact pupils across their entire school.

What will the programme look like in Portsmouth?

  • Training workshops: We will host a series of six training workshops starting and ending in June/July each year (these will be held in June, September, November, January, March and June).
  • School activities: In between workshops, your Challenge the Gap Team will develop their in-school programme together and in collaboration with colleagues from Teams in other local schools.
  • School visit: Your Cluster’s Programme Lead will visit your Challenge the Gap Team in your school to offer challenge and support, including readiness for reviews.
  • Cascade model: Schools are able to identify whether their strategies are working and should be scaled up and shared in their school.
  • Support from the National Challenge the Gap Team: The Challenge the Gap central team work with Clusters across the country to share what works in narrowing the gap for disadvantaged pupils. Your school will receive newsletters each term updating you on the latest research, best practice and emerging effective innovation from schools across the country.

Your ‘Challenge the Gap Team’

Your school will select a Team of exceptional staff to take part in the programme. They become experts in strategies for narrowing gaps with the skills necessary to implement these strategies across their school.

  • Primary schools choose: 1 leader, 1 teacher and 1 para-professional.
  • Secondary schools choose: 1 leader, 3 teachers (inc. maths & English) and 2 para-professionals.


Programme Fees in 2016-2017

  • Primary £4975 - £4477.50*
  • Secondary £8500 - £7650*

*CP membership discount

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