Re-imagining the purpose of education with Rob Carpenter

Target role: Primary Senior Leadership Team


03 July 2020 09:30-11:00


The session will cover a variety of themes designed to support school leaders in planning curriculum priorities as we turn attention to being able to open schools more widely from September. 

We will start by introducing the possibility that instead of education being slave to desired outcomes, (what education should do), we should reposition education for what it actually is

Using the work of Rutger Bregman (author of Human Kind) we will extend thinking around the social nature of learning and the need to ensure collaboration is placed more centrally within the learning journey.  This will help us define what we mean by Recovery Curriculum which, can help ensure our children’s learning is not impacted negatively from the closure of schools during the past 3 months. 


Virtual meeting


Free of charge

Please note that this session has been funded by the Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance 

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