Challenge Partners

Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance is a Senior Partner and a Hub Leader in the Challenge Partnership. Our local partnership, based in Portsmouth, has 23 participating schools from all different phases from across the South. We are a partnership owned and led by its members; we decide together how we want to shape its activities and direction.

Challenge Partners is a genuine collaboration between equals

Roger Pope - Principal Kingsbridge - Community College

Challenge Partners comprises 375 schools in 45 local partnerships across the country, reaching over 209,000 pupils (with 36% from low income households). We welcome all phases and stages: we are currently 51% primary, 35% secondary, and 14% special/AP; all governance types, half are academies representing 45 multi-academy trusts; and the majority are good and outstanding.

If you would like to know more, please see the video below or the annual report.

I learnt so much that I was able to take back to my own school

Core principles

Challenge Partners was founded by schools that wanted to retain their individuality yet realised that they were stronger together. The partnership allows schools to connect and share, to challenge and support. By working together, we can influence national policies and practice.

Challenge Partners creates the moral climate for knowledge sharing between schools and leaders by.

  • Identifying those that have the knowledge of effective school leadership and capture it.
  • Training the effective school leaders to share their knowledge.
  • Setting up the organisational systems for them to share this knowledge with those who need to learn

This approach has led to innovative programmes which have significantly improved the outcomes of pupils across the country, including Excellence for Everyone which helps schools to reduce the gap for disadvantaged pupils.

Please let us know if you are interested in engaging in this process or want to hear more about it.

For more information please contact the Portsmouth Hub Manager Sophie Venables or look at the Challenge Partners website.

National Programmes and activities

Our activities include both continual school improvement and high impact change programmes that assist schools on their individual journeys towards excellence.

Some of the best CPD I have ever had

Continual school improvement programme:

• Network of Excellence (NOE) - includes the QA Review, hubs, and Leadership Development Days

High impact change programmes:

• Excellence for Everyone (EfE)
• Leadership Residency

Additional paid for activities:

National Conference 

We meet about once a term. We decide on our local priorities and plan activities to suit us such as conferences, workshops and further support.